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Advanced General Dentistry

Dr. Jong utilizes his extensive training in caring for the most timid and phobic patients so that much of the time, the entire procedure is painless, even the needle itself. Our office staff witness this on a daily basis, it’s simply amazing.

Equipped with the most cutting edge instruments and technique, Dr. Jong performs routine fillings without the use of needles. As we say all the time, welcome to the 21st century dentistry!

If there is an anxiety issue, a sweet gas (nitrous oxide) is available for those who prefers it. Most often, our patients gradually come out of the gas treatment after several visits with us, since the experiences are so gentle and non-intimidating. We always encourage our patients to overcome the need for gas with our doctor, and, quite often it works!

Our complete list of treatments are too many to list, but here are some of the more common treatments.

Diamond Fissurotomy

No needle, micro filling that you don’t even feel that you are having a cavity worked on.

Digital X-rays and Panoramics

Up to 85% less radiation compared to the old film X-rays. That means you can have an annual update series of six X-rays for less than one film of conventional X-ray!

Dental Exam in Dobbs Ferry
Diamond Bur
Root Canal in Dobbs Ferry
Carbide Drills
CAD/CAM restoration

We mill our own crowns and veneers so you can have them placed in record time with minimal discomfort.

Metal-Free restoration

Dr. Jong has not used a mercury-based fillings since he took the board in 1993. White fillings outlast mercury fillings and look and feel far better as well, it is the best there is.

Laser/Radio surgery

Often gum procedures are bloody and cause swelling. Dr. Jong’s early trainings in Laser and Radio surgery almost always result in “Zero Bleeding Procedures”. Of course, less discomfort and complication goes without saying.

Periodontal Treatment

Our tightly controlled soft tissue management program result in far less need for advanced periodontal surgeries for you to go through via rigorous screening and maintenance protocol. We do thorough periodontal exam to establish custom tailored maintenance plan for you. All you need to do is to follow our guideline for the long-cherished healthy gum and bone.

Intra Oral Camera and other visual aids

Good communication is an absolute must in a doctor-patient relationship. “You see what I see” is the idea behind the Intra Oral Camera. Words are seldom necessary with these clear pictures in understanding the situation.

Single-Visit Root Canal Therapy

Often we hear from new patients that they dread the concept of root canals, citing multiple visits with so much pain in between visits. Dr. Jong is a master at the single-visit root canals where pain and suffering are minimized. We routinely hear from our root canal patients that they didn’t feel a thing and was amazed!

Dentistry For Our Kids

We recommend that our young ones to be brought in between 2-3 years of age. Much of the time, it’s just getting used to the trip to the dentist. By starting early, we can make them good dental patients for life with good hygiene habits. Sealants and Fluoride treatments will strengthen the baby teeth while custom mouth guards will protect the teeth from physical trauma from sports activities.

Almost all adult dental phobic patients recite their childhood’s bad experience and it is very hard to get undone. It’s best to start them early, and start them right.

All of our hygienists and staff are excellent with kids and all of our little patients love them back, of course!


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