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Advanced Cosmetics

Esthetic (Cosmetic) dentistry was revolutionized in the early 90’s with the development of true adhesive for porcelain and resin. The biggest challenge of keeping the natural-looking restorations glued to teeth was finally overcome.

Another “game-changer” was brought into the field of cosmetic dentistry when the “soft” porcelain was introduced in the early 2000’s. This “new and improved” porcelain did not need the metal frame and more resilient than conventional porcelain for better wear and also looked more natural than ever before possible.

Dr. Jong had an early experience in comprehensive cosmetic dentistry since the 80’s and decided to pursue his training further in the field of esthetics. After his residency program, he went on to the post-doctoral program in esthetic dentistry at University of Buffalo, and earned his certificate of completion in 1999.

They say that our appearances are only “skin-deep”. Quite on the contrary, they run “deep”, in our minds, affecting our self-confidence, positive attitude, social life, eventually affecting our success in life. Evidences are in the photos – before and after photos, that is. We see them all too often during our before and after photo sessions. Smiles that are crooked, forced, unnatural before the make-over become brighter, wider and more natural and attractive after the patients witness the results they like.

Our patients benefit from Dr. Jong’s expertise in comprehensive cosmetic make-over and experience an incredible transformation. We offer you a complete treatment options including possible orthodontics and implant services, to provide you with the best possible outcome, tailored to your specific needs.

Call us today for your concerns and we will arrange a complementary consultation where you may find a “new and improved” smile for yourself, along with a new level of self esteem!

This beauty pageant contestant had six weeks for a smile make over.

This is a typical natural look we recommend for most people. She won a second place.

This is an example of a “Hollywood smile” for people who work under strong lighting for modeling.

Severe stains such as this tobacco stain could not be remedied with anything less than total porcelain make over.

Often, patients who undergo such dramatic transformation end up giving up smoking, a healthy side-effect.

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