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Cosmetic Aspects of Implants

Dental implants have become a standard of care in recent years in many states, including NY and NJ, meaning it should be considered as one of the primary treatment options. It certainly has come a long way from being the “exotic treatment” for the chosen few from just a decade ago.

Dr. Jong is one of few general practitioners who can plan and perform all phases in implantology including sinus lift, extraction and immediate placement, bone graft, 3D assisted flapless surgery (AKA All-On-Four type) to complete restoration. The ability to perform complete course of treatment under one roof helps better control of the outcome, to benefit our patients.

Much of Dr. Jong’s surgical training, starting from his Residency at Montefiore Medical Center in 1993, has been focused on “Atraumatic Technique”, meaning “gentle as possible” surgery with his light hands. Virtually all our surgical patients experience no significant discomfort during recovery. This is evidenced by the lack of prescription painkillers in our office.

Dental implant has historically been one of the most successful medical procedures, tipping the scale at over 95% success rate, and it serves as a wonderful “rescue procedure” when infamous root canal procedures fail and tooth must be lost. It also has served to anchor removable dentures so now they no longer have to “float around” and perform like your own teeth in most cases.

With his advanced cosmetic background, Dr. Jong can provide you with an utmost aesthetic result with implant even in the front teeth area, where implants suffer a visual compromise quite often.

Dental Implants in Dobbs Ferry Dental Implants in Dobbs Ferry Dental Implants in Dobbs Ferry

Surgical Planning : 2D vs. 3D

Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D CT scan to aid in treatment planning of dental implant surgery. The 3D CT scan gives the doctor much clearer and more precise information to help achieve greater result, be it a dental implant, orthodontics, root canal, sleep apnea evaluation or TMJ management.

3D CT scan for dentists are generally available at “imaging centers” where patients would need to schedule for a scan, then wait for the result, then plan for the procedure, resulting in few weeks of waiting time. We are proud to offer all-inclusive services for the dental treatment planning from start to finish under one roof for our patient’s convenience. This is just one of many examples of Dr. Jong’s dedication and expertise in technological advancement.

Replace Missing Teeth in Dobbs Ferry Replace Missing Teeth in Dobbs Ferry Replace Missing Teeth in Dobbs Ferry
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